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Speedvision Is Now Free To Watch With Ads on Google TV

By Shelby Brown, Cord Cutters News, on November 30, 2023

Auto entertainment network Speedvision on Thursday said it’s now streaming as a free ad-supported channel on Google TV.

The network’s expansion means you can now watch Speedvision on 14 platforms including Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Freevee, Fubo, Xumo, Plex, Local Now,, TheGrio, LG Channels, TCL, Redbox, Google TV, Dish’s Sling Freestream, and Samsung TV Plus (EU).

Increasingly, more viewers are looking for ways to save money and streaming services are often an easy item to cut out of your household budget. Because they give consumers a way to save money without compromising entertainment, free ad-supported channels have grown in popularity over the past few years.

Becoming as accessible and affordable as possible bodes well for niche services like Speedvision.

Speedvision, which celebrated its one-year anniversary earlier this month, houses more than 700 hours of content featuring “any vehicle powered by an engine.” Viewers can check out car build shows, garage content, automotive history, auction programming, and more.

“Today’s launch on Google TV is a major milestone for Speedvision, as it makes our signature auto entertainment lineup available and easily accessible for the Google TV audience via its live TV experience,” Robert Scanlon, Speedvision’s president and CEO said in a statement.  “This announcement represents yet another key step in our efforts to make Speedvision available to the car passionate audience, wherever they view their content.”

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