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Stacey David's GearZ is a must-watch for any car enthusiast, whether you're a seasoned gearhead or just starting out in the world of automotive tinkering.  

With decades of experience working in restoration and hot rod shops, and over 20 years on national television on two hit TV shows, Stacey has millions of people how to build cool cars and trucks. His mechanical abilities and fabrication skills have made him one of the most trusted and respected custom car builders in the world today. 

His incredible work and positive influence have earned him many awards and accolades from the automotive industry over the years, and he continues to work hand in hand with the OEM’s and aftermarket to keep new vehicles and parts in front of the gearhead public. 

Also well known for building wild, trend-setting custom vehicles like Copperhead, The V8 Interceptor, and Sgt. Rock, Stacey has inspired legions of gearheads to “get out there and build something”.

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