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Our Story

We are, at heart, a group of experienced media executives who possess an appreciation of and a passion for everything that is propelled by an engine or a motor. 
Our founder was part of the executive management team that launched the original SPEEDVISION in 1995 and who later went on to create Velocity, now known as Motor Trend, the automotive channel owned by Warner Brothers Discovery Inc. 
Our philosophy is a simple one.  We consider SPEEDVISION a club of enthusiasts where we welcome anyone who has a passion for vehicles. We respect one another regardless of age, sex, education, income, heritage, or what you own or drive.  
And that respect is embodied in our talent and our programs.  We have relatable expert hosts who deliver 
information and entertainment in a style that makes you feel you actually know one another. You won’t find the fake, contrived conflict, staged arguments, ticking countdown clocks or “let’s build it to 
smash it” projects that have become pervasive in much of today’s automotive programming. 
We are as interested in sharing your backyard garage project is as we are in the latest supercar or electric 
vehicle designs from major manufacturers.  Whether you prefer to ‘do it yourself’ or have someone ‘do it 
for me,’ you’ll find shows that inform and inspire. If you currently own a Pontiac but hope to own a Porsche someday, we’ll be your inspiration. 
We know the timing is right to bring SPEEDVISION back. It is what you have been waiting for, and we 
promise to deliver. Welcome back to the club! 

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