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--The Definitive Automotive Entertainment Network Is Now Streaming on Comcast’s Xumo Play Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST) Platform--

ANNAPOLIS, MD – September 28, 2023 – Speedvision, the definitive auto entertainment network, today announced that it is available as a free ad-supported streaming television (FAST) linear channel on Xumo Play, Comcast’s free ad-supported television (FAST) platform. Xumo Play viewers now can stream titles from Speedvision’s lineup of blue-chip vehicle entertainment that is diverse, compelling and an established draw.

“The Speedvision channel on Xumo Play will appeal to millions of auto enthusiasts and car aficionados alike with its unique, original content,” said Stefan Van Engen, Vice President, Content Programming and Partnerships, Xumo. “Our goal is to delight viewers with the very best premium programming that caters to a wide range of lifestyle interests, and Speedvision is a welcomed addition with its highly entertaining and informative content.”

The network brand that started the auto entertainment revolution, Speedvision returned in October 2022 with the high-octane programming that made it the standard against which all other vehicle media is measured. As a recognized network brand that originated the automotive lifestyle genre in the 90s, Speedvision delivers a signature combination of highly-entertaining storytelling, iconic hosts, and premier production values, making it the preeminent destination for auto-passionate viewers.

“Xumo Play is an optimal partner for connecting Speedvision’s genre-defining vehicle entertainment with legions of automotive superfans,” said Robert Scanlon, President and CEO of Speedvision. “In less than a year since launch, Speedvision has gained distribution across many of the biggest FAST platforms in the industry and today’s announcement with Xumo Play represents a key milestone in our rapid growth.”

Speedvision boasts a premium library of more than 700 content hours showcasing any vehicle powered by an engine. From car build shows and garage content, to automotive history and auction programming; the network features titles including Graveyard Carz Classics, AmeriCarna, Caffeine and Octane, Radford Reborn, Stacey David’s Gearz, Zero to Sixty and Two Guys Garage, as well as motorcycle and aviation series. Speedvision also boasts a roster of well-known talent and experts, including Wayne Carini, Bill Goldberg, Mark Worman, Stacy David, Ant Anstead, Ray Evernham, Chris Jacobs, Greg Grunberg, and more.

About Speedvision

Speedvision is the definitive automotive entertainment and lifestyle brand resurrected in 2022 to serve the passion of millions of vehicle enthusiasts. With more than 700 hours of premium content featuring lean-forward storytelling, iconic hosts, and industry-standard production values, Speedvision is the ultimate destination for the absolute best in automotive, motorcycle, aviation, and boating content. Available at no cost as a free ad-supported television network, Speedvision represents an optimal opportunity for advertisers to intersect directly with a deeply engaged viewership composed of authentic vehicle aficionados.

Speedvision is led by President and CEO, Robert Scanlon, an accomplished media industry leader with decades of experience in racing competition and automotive production. Scanlon’s past positions include head of motorsports at ESPN and ESPN2, co-founder of the original Speedvision, creator/president of Velocity (now MotorTrend) for Discovery Inc., and senior production at ABC Sports. Scanlon has been recognized with 9 National Sports Emmy® Awards, including Best Live Sports Series for coverage of NASCAR, INDYCAR, and Formula One.

Branding and promotional services provided by creative content studio AlterEgo. To find out how to watch Speedvision, go to Visit for more information on network programming, information on how to watch SPEEDVISION and to sign up for email updates. Speedvision is @speedvisiontv on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

About Xumo

Xumo, a joint venture between Comcast and Charter, was formed to develop and offer a next-generation streaming platform for the entire entertainment industry. The company is defined by three primary lines of business: Xumo devices, Xumo Play, and Xumo Enterprise.

Powered by Comcast’s global technology platform, Xumo devices feature a world-class user interface that includes universal voice search capabilities making it easy for consumers to find and enjoy their favorite streaming content. Xumo Play is a FAST service with hundreds of ad-supported linear channels and on demand options that anchors the free content offering on Xumo devices and is also available as an app on other major streaming platforms. Xumo Enterprise is the business-to-business arm of the joint venture, providing content makers, distributors and advertisers with tools and services to make free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) more accessible.

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