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What's In The Barn?

​​Dale Walksler used to sell new and used motorcycles at his Harley-Davidson dealership. After 24 years of buying and selling motorcycles at his Harley-Davidson dealership, Dale Walksler  life's mission now is to find and fix motorcycles for history's sake. 

Walksler crisscrosses the U.S. in search of long-forgotten gems for his motorcycle paradise, the Wheels Through Time Museum. He established the museum in Maggie Valley, N.C. in 1993, and since has acquired more than 300 rare, classic American motorcycles. 

Some of them he restores or rebuilds from parts he finds around the country, and he assures that all of them start and can be ridden. "What's In the Barn?" chronicles Walksler's journey to uncover motorcycle history in the most unusual and extraordinary places, and his undying passion to preserve their legacy for generations.

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